Roof Cupola Remodel Belleair Dunedin Clearwater

Large Roof Cupola being lifted by a crane and placed on top of roof of Florida home. The large metal structure matching the roof of the home.

Rabco Construction Services does a wide range of home remodeling and renovation projects for customers. This made a great addition to the customer’s home providing a unique place to get a wide view from the fourth level of the home.

Roof Cupola by Rabco Construction Services

Cupola is being prepared for lifting toward roof.

Roof Cupola Section Lifted by Crane

Careful lifting of Roof structure begins

Roof Addition of Cupola

Crane is moving cupola toward house


Cupola being placed on top of roof framing support


Workman making adjustments and placement for final setting on top of roof


Cupola successfully placed on top of roof structure with windows. Ready for final finishing.

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